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Construction of agricultural ponds & fish farming

Water storage pool is important in agriculture and watershed management and the use can fill many gaps. The water storage pool is self-sufficient and built to work with the environment. The water storage pool is a fundamental invention and has been in use for years. Today they continue to benefit farmers and various industries, as well as for household use.

Insulation of foundations & foundations of buildings

There is a growing research and experience in the field that suggests that using insulation in the outer part of foundation isolation during the construction of a new home and implementing appropriate water management strategies can greatly reduce the risks of water/steam flow.

Roof Garden Insulation & Drainage

Roof Garden is one of the architectural princes that has just been used in the construction of buildings. Roof Garden is a garden on the roof of a building. In addition to decorative benefits, Roof Garden may provide food, temperature control, hydrological benefits, architectural reinforcement, habitats or corridors for wildlife, recreational opportunities and large-scale even environmental benefits.

Construction of an artificial lake

To build an artificial lake, you need to measure all the spatial conditions, temperature, depth and amount of current water so that you can build a good and suitable artificial lake. It is important to pay attention to the growth rate of plants and trees beside artificial lakes. Arian Khak Iranian Group is expert in the construction and construction of artificial lakes.

Reinforced soil & slope stabilization

Armed soil is an affordable method for long-term or short-term consolidation of existing or suggested steep slopes. Slope stability is enhanced by installing stainless steel or fiberglass yarn earth pegs placed in pre-exhausted holes or drill bits and simultaneous installation.

Oil storage tanks & secondary oil ponds

Isolation of oil storage pool will make oil immune from all risks. Many pool chemicals found in the retail sector are classified as hazardous chemicals because they may be combustible, oxidizing, reactive in water, toxic or corrosive. Chemicals are dangerous and deadly.