What is geogrid and what are its applications?

Geogrid is a geosynthetic material used as a booster in construction works. Geogrids can be classified as geosynthetic materials that are used in the construction industry in the form of a reinforcing material. It is also used in strengthening retaining walls and even many of the applications of these materials are flourishing.

Geocell, Applied Environmental Materials

Geocell is essentially one of the construction materials, which has unique features. Soil erosion can be prevented by using these materials in environments that have a fast night. In addition, a beautiful green space can be created for steep roads using geocels.

Excellent and robust coating geotextile for construction

The use of geotextile coating plates can undoubtedly be necessary in any field. These pages are used in various industries because of their many advantages. Of course, most of the use of these plates is civil and construction. They can also be used under geomembrane sheets.

Geomembrane, the best building sheets

One of the best sheets used for insulation and coating of various industries is geomembrane sheets. These sheets have been popular due to their many advantages and are highly regarded by construction makers. One of the advantages we can express for them is longevity along with the right cost.