Geocell, Applied Environmental Materials

Have you ever wondered how plants can be cultivated on steep environments? Undoubtedly, if we want to irrigate these beautiful plants, the soil will move and it will be destroyed because of its steepness. But when geocell is used, this problem will no longer occur.

Therefore, for such environments, they use materials called geocells to prevent soil loss on the slope. In principle, these materials are a kind of geosynthetic, which are used to reduce soil slippage on slopes.

Using geocells, we can provide some kind of support and stability to the base of layers of sandstone, soil or sand. With these materials we can almost say that the lateral strength of a layer is greatly improved, preventing any other incidents at the desired location.

When filled inside the geocell materials, it no longer threatens the pressure of the layers, and because of the use of less materials, it can be used in resources, money, etc. It made a lot of savings.

Characteristics of geocell materials

The use of these materials leads to a decrease in soil erosion intensity for various reasons. When you boil each hole in the geocell with the other, it causes the material to not drain during washing. In addition, you keep additional materials on the surface, which can be very important.

Geocell materials are mostly used for constructions that are amplitudes, and dams. Because they are susceptible to erosion. On the other hand, these materials can be used for roads, parking lots, highways, walking courses, horse pastures, etc. Used.

If you want to use these materials for the front of the house, or to install and set up the road, it is better to use a sand density of 4.3 or 8.3. To fill the geocell, otherwise your desired location will undoubtedly be inappropriate and can cause problems for you.

Gels used to produce geocels are of exceptionally high quality. Produced by ISO 2008 and approved by quality.

Geocell Materials

Geocell Materials

Geocel Manufacturing Specifications

Originally Geocell type 3D is a network structure, which is produced through ultrasonic welding with plastic materials as a 3D network. How much holes the geocell needs to be built depends on the customer's needs.

Whether, for example, to use these materials for roads or highways, or to be used for dam construction, should all be examined during production. Investigation of each of these requirements in production leads to geocell gels being able to expand and contract.

In addition, it can increase wear resistance, anti-acid and alkaliization, anti-slip, anti-deformation and reduce the thickness of the road bed. Geocell materials are mostly made with polyethylene materials in the form of honeycombs. On the other hand, these gels are welded by ultrasonic.

Geocel materials are easily flexible, so they can be used on street floors, and construction. Any materials can be used to fill it. including sand, sand, stone and even concrete.

Advantages of geocell materials

Undoubtedly, any type of materials used in construction has special features. Geocels also have their own advantages, which we can mention a few of them.

  1. The first advantage of these construction materials is having a strong and powerful base. These geocell materials essentially act as a semi-rigid slab and are necessary to increase the application of the desired surface area.
  2. The use of geocell materials can minimize differential settlement and generally be used in low-power centers.
  3. A 50% reduction in the need to fill the depth of the site, and increase the number of effective structures
  4. In some materials, the use of low-quality seeds for filling may cost a lot of money. But the use of geocell materials significantly reduces costs.
Geocells Performance

Geocells Performance

Performance of geocell materials used in construction

Undoubtedly, these materials also have a special function and application for themselves. Among these, we can mention the following:

  • It leads to stability on railway roads.
  • Creates stability for four-way roads.
  • It is used for retaining walls and load tolerance.
  • The use of geocells is suitable for improving the depth of shallow rivers.
  • It is used to support sewage pipes.
  • To prevent landslides using ground cells, it is used as a heavy combined force retaining wall.
  • In the docks and breakwaters are used as an independent wall.
What is the reason for the use of geocell materials?

You must have been asked the question, what is the reason for using these materials? We must say that basically these materials as a factor for strengthening the section for the bed of water canals and … used. Zia leads to erosion in slopes that are more than 45%.

In addition, swampy and loose lands can be strengthened using geocells. On the other hand, these materials are also used in steep walls of the road so that by creating green spaces in the cells of these materials, a beautiful and special effect can be given to the roads. All of these can be obtained using geocells.

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