Roof Garden: Nature in the heart of the house

We humans in crowded and pollution-filled cities are always looking for peace. A peace that will take us away from this bustle and hum. We've been looking for many ways, but none have been more enjoyable than being in nature. Therefore, a few years ago, spectacular roof gardens are built on the rooftops of houses.

Roof Garden, or greenery on the roof, are essentially places made up of beautiful and spectacular greenery. It's as if we've brought nature to polluted cities. These roofing gardens are originally run on rooftops or yards.

In addition to beauty and attractiveness, roof gardens are a suitable and unique platform for plant cultivation. You can easily cultivate natural plants at an altitude above the ground on a artificial bed. You must have encountered beautiful shrubs on the lobby floor, or faced small gardens in yards that do not have dirt ground.

All of these beauties are applicable by Roof Garden. Therefore, most of the people looking for a suitable place to relax welcomed the roof of the gardens.

Roof Garden Benefits

Roof Garden Benefits

What is Roof Garden and what are the benefits?

Arguably having a natural garden on the roof of the house can be awesome and spectacular. These roofing gardens can be easily run on rooftops. For example, a beautiful garden and green space can be created like a park using a few pots on the roof.

On the other hand, what garden you have on your roof depends on the structure of the building, the climatic characteristics, the user, and most importantly depends on your taste. Each of these can lead you to a special and beautiful roof garden.

Roof gardens themselves are divided into several categories, each of which has certain characteristics. In this content, we will mention each of these roofs of gardens. But let's know what these roofs are defined by the people of these gardens.

In general and in the language of ordinary people, these roof gardens are essentially a vast green and beautiful surface, which are run on rooftops using grassy surfaces. Of course, in order to do this, the desired location must be isolated and infrastructured first.

After that, a suitable place for water to be placed on the roof. Because this can be easily planted on roof garden. Of course, many people prefer to use artificial grass. But the beauty and feel that natural grass on the roof can give to humans will be greater.

Roof Garden Design & Manufacturing Methods

Roof Garden is designed and constructed in centralized, modular and portable ways. In the centralized method, beautiful bushes and trees can always be used as quite normal on the roof. You can plant beautiful shrubs on the roof, and enjoy it naturally.

Because in this method, which is one of the best ways to access the roof of excellent and spectacular gardens, the depth of planting is much higher than modular and portable methods. Therefore, you can cultivate and harvest on this rooftop of gardens in the traditional way.

Many retired people who spend time at home are gardening by implementing the Roof Gardening Scheme. They increase the spirit of life expectancy by attending gardens on the rooftops of their homes. Because nature has always made man at peace.

Roofing beautiful gardens

Roofing beautiful gardens

Advantages of modular and portable roof garden methods compared to centralized method

One of the most important points that we can mention about the implementation of the roof of the gardens is to learn about the resistance of the building before the green space is executed. Keep in mind that we need a new, robust building to design and implement roof garden.

Because this design is definitely of high volume. The use of equipment on high-volume roof garden may result in old buildings unable to bear such a heavy burden. Therefore, the structure of the building must be calculated accurately.

If you don't have information about the design and implementation of Roof Garden, it's best to leave it to an expert. To check for you the strength of your building and introduce the best way to run the roof of the garden. Modular and portable methods are among the best methods we can mention for the construction of roofing gardens.

In these methods, ready-made pots and flower boxes are used, which have little weight. On the other hand, these pots have a high consumption diversity, in which beautiful and tall shrubs can be planted, and beautiful and spectacular flowers can be cultivated.

In principle, we should say that the difference between modular and portable methods, with centralized method, is not in terms of the appearance of roof garden, but in terms of diversity, security, speed of execution, modernity, etc. it is. In many roofing gardens you are able to benefit from camellias, awnings, agricultural products, garden furniture and other benefits.

Types of roof gardens in class rankings

Since the roofs of gardens are a modern style of charm and modernity in buildings, they are divided into several classes. We can mention the roofing of class A gardens, class B, C-class, class D and E-class. Each of which has special features in design and construction.

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